May 13, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Everywhere I go people tell me I have my hands full, and it's true. These kids have endless energy (until it's time to do chores) and I'm outnumbered most of the time. Someone always needs a snack. Someone is always scattering toys or crumbs to the four corners of the house. Someone is always hitting someone. But even as they go about filling my day with noise and mess, they also fill my heart. Sophie is a great helper and is always leaving us sweet notes or pictures that she drew. Davey loves to climb into my lap and has been saying the funniest things lately. And Charlie just walks around the house all day long with the biggest smile you've ever seen. I sure love these kids. 

We had a nice, simple Mother's Day this year. I never ask for gifts, but the kids did get some little surprises at the store with Dave. At church I got to hear Sophie sing, and after meetings ended  all the women got to enjoy a delicious dessert buffet, and after we had our fill the rest of the ward swooped in to finish things off. Davey ended up eating an entire tray of honey dew - that boy sure loves his fruit! Then we finished our day with some steaks and corn for dinner - yum!

My only Mother's Day request was a photo of me and my little loves

My lovely Davey had his hand inside his shirt for every photo. 

Charlie woke up nice and early so we could spend extra time together that day

The kids with some little gifts and pictures

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