May 27, 2019

Memorial Day with Grandpa & Grandma Howe

We were so glad that Grandpa and Grandma Howe could come visit us for Memorial Day weekend! The forecast was terrible - daily severe storms - but luckily we caught just enough breaks in the weather to do some fun things. On Friday they met us at Braums for an end-of-kindergarten treat, on Saturday we went hiking in Palo Duro Canyon and then saw Aladdin, on Sunday we went to church, did a puzzle and played games, and then on Monday we said good bye. Luckily we will be seeing them again in just a couple weeks when we drive down to Dallas. Thanks for coming to visit!

We had the perfect weather for hiking in the canyon - overcast skies with temps in the high 60s. It looked like it was about to rain any minute and did sprinkle for just a few seconds, but the big storms held off until that afternoon. 

All the rain has made everything so green! There were wildflowers blooming all a long the trail.

Lots of flowers meant lots of butterflies, which Sophie loved

We hiked a portion of the Kiowa trail, which follows the river - perfect for throwing rocks!

After the Kiowa trail we made one more stop to check out the "Big Cave"

After hiking we hurried home, changed out of our dusty clothes and ran over to the theater to see the new Aladdin movie. We were surprised to find Jasmine and Aladdin there in person to welcome us!

We love the reclining chairs and seat heaters at Cinergy. Grandma did not need her seat heather though, because Charlie fell asleep almost immediately and spent the entire two hours napping on her lap. 

Working on a sea turtle puzzle that grandma brought. It made us excited for our beach trip in just a couple months!

Davey led Papa away to his room to play with him any chance he could get

Went went on a walk around McDonald Lake to help grandma get some of her steps in before driving back to Dallas. Davey was able to do the entire loop (.8 miles) on his scooter. I also brought an old hamburger bun for the kids to feed to the ducks. 

It rained hard Sunday night and water level in the lake had come up several feet (it's a run off storage pond). It was crazy how sunny and clear the skies were after the monsoon the night before. 

Sophie's tiny bouquet of Texas wildflowers she gathered on our walk

The kids in their red, white and blue for Memorial Day. We ate lunch at Red Robin before the grandparents had to hit the road

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