April 14, 2019

Sophie is a Reader & Diamond, the Betta Fish

We started Reading Book with Sophie the summer before kindergarten. She picked it up really fast, then we hit a bit of a rough patch about half way through when the lessons started to get more difficult. We promised her that if she stuck with it and finished the book, then she could get a pet fish. After a few weeks of struggle, we took a break and put Reading Book up on the shelf. 

During that break, something clicked at school and she started reading really well all on her own! Each week she brings home a little reader from her teacher and for awhile she was moving up a level almost weekly. I also get several books from the library that she works through within days of me bringing them home.  As of her last progress report, she was nearing the end of 1st Grade reading level. It's been so fun to see her take off! 

One day Sophie remembered our promise of a pet if she finished her Reading Book. So even though she had moved well beyond it's lessons, she dug it out of her closet and worked through the remaining 6 lessons, over 100 pages, on her own! It took her about a week, and when she finished we went to PetSmart to pick out a fish. You did it Sophie - you're a reader now!

The first Betta we picked out (Rainbow) had some issues, so after a few days we exchanged him for a new fish. Sophie chose this white one and named "her" Diamond (it's really a male). 

Right now Diamond lives on the kitchen counter where she can be closely supervised

At first we put Diamond into a glass tank we already had in the cupboard, but then upgraded to a real fish bowl with a fun plant. Since the switch, Diamond has started building quite the bubble nest, which is a sign of health and happiness. The kids love to watch the nest grow and have really enjoyed having a fish in the house. 

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