April 22, 2019

Easter 2019

Somehow Easter snuck up on us, which is ridiculous, because it was almost as late in the year as it could possibly be. I guess we are just not very on top of things. We didn't go to any community egg hunts, we didn't do the advent resurrection eggs I made in RS, my Easter craft I got to make with Sophie is still sitting in the laundry room, and we almost didn't even dye eggs (see below).

In retrospect, however, none of that really mattered. I have no regrets and am perfectly happy with how things turned out. The kids had fun with their baskets and egg hunt in the backyard, I got a great photo of our family in our Easter best, and we got to hear wonderful messages about Christ and his atonement at church. Maybe sweet and simple is the best way to go.

Easter Sunday 2019

Charlie, Age 1

Davey, Age 3

Sophie, Age 6

We almost skipped dying eggs this year and I thought all was well, until Sophie came out of her room crying on Saturday night, a couple hours past bedtime. She thought that if we didn't dye eggs, then the Easter Bunny wouldn't come and so I got out the dye cups and we did a rush job. They weren't pretty, but we made enough to appease her worries and it was worth it to see her excitedly search for those eggs in the morning.

Baskets waiting to be found... the Easter Bunny couldn't help herself and felt extra generous this year

Charlie loved his new trike. He knew just what to do with it and has been rolling all around. It took him no time at all to find the button that makes it sing a song, or honk. 

Davey got a dump truck for playing outside in the gravel pit. He was also very excited to wear his new bow tie to church. 

Sophie is still obsessed with Hatchimals and was excited about the new game. She also loved the golden glitter horse shirt the Easter Bunny left her. 

The kids literally had 3 minutes to hunt for eggs in the yard, but they took it as a challenge and found almost all of them in that time period. There were only about a dozen left behind that they went back for after we got home from church. 

Eating some of their egg hunt sweets after church

For dinner we made our first prime rib roast, since neither of us are big ham lovers. It turned out delicious, and since it was just our family for dinner there were plenty of leftovers to be enjoyed the next day - mmm!

Ready for bed in the new summer jammies the Easter Bunny brought (a new tradition for our family)

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