April 19, 2019

Canyon Trails at Buffalo Hill

We love spring! It's so nice when the days start to warm up enough to enjoy the outdoors. One place we have been loving is what Davey calls "Buffalo Trails," a little hiking/biking trail system about 12 minutes south of our house. It's located right off the interstate and isn't especially scenic, but there are several loops that never take you too far from the start so it's a perfect "Chose Your Own Adventure" for little kids. We've been twice with friends, and once as a family when Sophie had a day off school.

Davey and Jaxon  hanging out on the bridge

I carry Charlie in the front pack, but let him down to explore during our snack break. He was just starting to walk and the uneven ground made him a little nervous. 

These boys loved throwing rocks down the hill

There is some sort of project happening near the trail head and the kids loved climbing this rock pile that had been dumped in the parking lot. 

The wildflowers are blooming right now! I'm glad we are getting to enjoy them for a short time before they get scorched when things heat up in a few weeks. 

A week later Charlie was feeling more confident on his feet and walked a very short section of trail

He had some help from Sophie

After we got back the car the kids had a fun time checking out the excavator parked nearby

Davey was in digger heaven!

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