March 16, 2019

The House Flood

The day we got back from Oklahoma I accidentally flooded our house. Charlie got messy at dinner, so I took off his outfit and put it in the laundry room sink to soak. Then I got busy cleaning up dinner, unpacking all the stuff from our road trip, and checking on the kids in the bath. Forty minutes later I passed back through, and to my horror, realized that the sink was still running and now overflowing everywhere. AHHH!!!

I shut it off, pulled the plug and immediately started calling for Dave. The water had spread through the laundry room, back entry way, the pantry, and out into the garage. We grabbed towels, rags, blankets, anything we could find to start mopping up the water. After the lake had been soaked up, we then starting running fans and space heaters for the next 72 hours to try and dry out all the water that had seeped into the cracks under the base boards and the cupboards. 

Luckily the only visible water damage was to a cupboard in the laundry room and one baseboard, so it could have been a lot worse. It was such a dumb mistake that will hopefully never be repeated. I'm just glad it didn't run all night!

The bear suit that started it all. Charlie may never be able to wear this again because I now have hostile feelings towards this outfit. 

In addition to all our vacation laundry, I now had to also wash 5 loads of towels and blankets after they were used to clean up the floodwaters.

Drying things out - now all our floors are extra clean!

The worst of the water damage. I am sad every time I look at it, but at least it was the laundry room and not a more prominent part of the house. I also had a very nicely organized collection of gift bags stored in this cupboard that all had to be thrown out :(

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