March 12, 2019

Spring Break 2019 - Amarillo Fun

We were planning to drive out to Dallas for Spring Break to spend time with grandparents and friends, but unfortunately a pipe burst at grandma's house, forcing them into a hotel while damages were assessed and repairs made. I didn't want to waste a whole week of no school just hangning around home, though, so it was time for Plan B!

After looking into different driveable destinations, we decided visit Oklahoma City. We only wanted to go for a couple nights though (hotel stays with young kids can be rough), which left time in Amarillo, so we also did a few things here close to home to make use of Sophie's time off school.

Monday was rainy and cold so we spent the morning at the Discovery Center. Davey wanted my to make a dinosaur on the giant Lite Brite, and this was my best effort.

We went to an animal encounter presentation. The kids love animals and were thrilled to see a snake, hedgehog, and tarantula. 

One night we went swimming at WT. Normally the place is almost empty, but today there were over 200 people - yikes! We brought Sophie's friend Emery with us and the kids still had fun despite the crowds. 

Not the best photo, but I met my friend Candice at Cinergy for their $5 movie Tuesday and we took all the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon 3. I loved the snack trays on their chairs, which also have built in seat heaters!

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