March 19, 2019

Sophie is SIX

Our Sophie is six!! I can't believe how much she has grown and I'm already starting to have visions of her as a teenager, and then going off to college. Time passes so quickly! I was worried that going off to kindergarten would change her, but she is still our girl who loves snakes, insects and skeletons as much as rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. She is a puzzle master (like her mom) and a socializer (like her dad). She is great at making friends and hold her own in her primary class of all boys. Animals and swimming are her greatest passions right now, and she is really hoping that we will find baby turtles on our beach trip this summer, and I hope her wish comes true!

Sophie is the last of our March birthdays and she waited very patiently for her turn. I gave her the option of celebrating a few days earlier with Davey so she wouldn't have to wait, but she chose to hold out until the 19th. The boys and I brought cupcakes to her class and then we opened presents later that night. We love you Sophie!!

Opening gifts - for her brithday she received a couple craft sets, a board game, some Hatchimals and Adooribles, a pet care set, and a...

BIKE!! And it doesn't even have training wheels because she was taller than the maximum height for all the bikes that came with training wheels.  Hopefully we can get her riding it this summer.

For her birthday dinner we had steak, jello, strawberries and salad

I was at YW the night of her actual birthday and missed cake :( This picture was of her with a cupcake from her primary teachers a couple days before turning six. 

Sophie at Age 6
  • Sophie is 4 ft tall (87%) and weighs 50 lbs (76%). She is tall, fast, and strong! She is often a head above everyone else her age and so far has done well at any sport she has tried. 
  • She has loved kindergarten and has become an excellent reader this year. Her writing and math skills have also developed a lot and she was accepted into the Gifted & Talented program through the school district. 
  • She is a perfectionist in many things, but cleanliness is not one of them. Her room is always messy and sometimes I can't even open the door. No white tornado genes in this one...
  • Her brothers both adore her and she is usually very patient and kind with them. We have high hopes that her big sister abilities will continue developing and in a few years she will be able to start babysitting for us!
  • She loves drawing, swimming, dance parties, all animals (especially reptiles) and snack foods. 
  • When she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian and a mom. 
  • Her favorite color is sparkly gold, and purple is now a close second.
  • Her favorite song is "What Does the Fox Say?" and she listens to it every night before bed.

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Angela said...

I loved reading about Sophie turning 6. It's been fun being your friend as you have children and go on exciting adventures. I'm to the point now where my kids are leaving me behind and going on adventures of their own. Holly has already returned from her mission to Spain. Emily completed her first year at BYU and now is on a study abroad in NYC. Time flies!