March 17, 2019

Davey is THREE!

Our Davey is THREE!! Although if you ask him how old he is, he will tell you he is eight. Haha. He loves the number eight and we've all learned that it's pointless to correct him. He is the most stubborn kid, but at the same he is always quick to apologize, the most likely to say "please" or "thank you" and a natural cleaner and helper. His room is spotless - everything has a place, and any extra items in his room at the end of the day are not welcome and will get tossed out into the hall. His three biggest loves right now are dinosaurs (especially t-rexes and pterodactyls), cars/trucks/anything that goes, and the Paw Patrol. If one of those are involved in anything we are doing, then he is one happy kid.

For his birthday this year we celebrated at home with just our family. He actually has quite a few friends that he plays with on a regular basis, but we decided to hold off on a party until he's older. On his special day we opened presents, let him choose the dinner menu, and then ate cake. We love you Davey!!

We told him to show us three fingers

Very excited about his big gift!!

From his birthday he received Paw Patrol toys, an umbrella, some construction vehicle puzzles, and a dinosaur Imaginext set. 

This umbrella was the source of many tears. Sophie became crazy jealous that his new umbrella had a longer handle than hers, which lead to a breakdown. Out of all the gifts he got, this was not the one I was expecting to cause problems. 

For the most part everything went really well. Sophie was very attentive and was always standing ready to show him how to play with each toy as soon as it was opened. 

For his birthday dinner we had his favorites - dinosaur pasta, strawberries, and jello. 

Happy birthday big boy!

Davey at Age 3
  • He 38 inches tall (64%) and 32 pounds (57%). He's taller than he is heavy now! As a baby he was such a chunk and I feel like now he's finally starting to shoot up and level out. 
  • He is known for his long eyelashes, his husky toddler voice, and hilarious personality. The other day Sophie was telling us about all the kids missing from her class because they had the flu. Davey replied, "My best friend is Jaxon, and he didn't flu away." 
  • Right now he is a better little brother, than big brother, and we are working on that. He adores Sophie and spends the whole day asking if it's time to go pick her up from school. He always has a million things to tell her or show her when she comes home. Charlie, on the other hand, is not his favorite, and they are almost always at odds over something. 
  • In addition to dinos, Paw Patrol, and cars, he also loves robots, tools, and weapons. Almost anything (pretzels, legos, sticks) can be turned into an imaginary "pew pew" or "hi-yah". 
  • When he grows up he wants to be a "digger man" and operate an excavator. 
  • He talks nonstop, even if no one is really listening. Some of our favorite things he says right now are "gotfor" instead of "forgot" and "minjas" instead of "ninjas". 
  • His favorite color is blue, although he still loves his yellow blanket. 
  • He loves to sing and dance, and has some pretty good moves for a three-year-old. Favorite songs right now include Baby Shark and The Ants Go Marching, which is ironic because he is actually terrified of ants, even the little tiny ones.

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