March 18, 2019

Cinergy Birthday Adventures

In lieu of birthday parties this year, we let the kids each pick a special activity to do with us or a friend. Sophie had wanted to go to a movie, but when we were at the theater buying tickets over Spring Break, she saw the "Sky Walker," an elevated obstacle course and immediately decided on that has her birthday activity. 

We measured her at home and found she would just barely meet the 48" height requirement. She was so excited and looked forward to going back all week! We made reservations (which surprisingly only cost $4) and on her last day as a 5-year-old, Sophie conquered the Sky Walk. She was so brave and we were so proud of her!

In front of the new Cinergy Horse. Amarillo is the American Quarter Horse capital, so there are horse statues at local business all over the city. The kids love to look for them. 

All harnessed up to go! I went along with her so she would have a guide, and because I also love this sort of thing and was thrilled that she picked it as her special activity. 

Up in the air ready to start - the two girls that went up before us chickened out and went back down, which made Sophie feel extra proud that she did the whole thing without falling off or getting too scared. 

We were given 15 minutes to explore the ropes course, which had about 18 different obstacles, including a zipline. Only one person can be on an obstacle at a time though, so I could not be with Sophie other than to help her step back on to the platforms in between challenges. She did all on her own!

Since Davey was too little for the main attractions at Cinergy, he got to play Jurassic Hunter with daddy. He used his lives very quickly, but enjoyed every second fighting back dinosaurs.

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