March 9, 2019

Charlie is ONE!!

Charlie finished his first year!! He is the happiest little boy and it's been so fun to have him in our family. He is adored by all. We celebrated the weekend after his birthday, since his actual birthday was spent traveling home from Utah. Our local grocery store baked him a cute, little cake, which he loved until we lit the candle. The fire scared him and screamed for the entire "Happy Birthday" song until we blew it out and took it away (video posted below). 

Since he is not a good eater, we weren't sure what he would do with his cake after giving it back. He poked his slice a few times, but didn't like the feel, so I have him a spoon and suddenly he started digging in! I don't think he actually ate much, but he did seem to like the taste of the frosting and he did a great job smearing it everywhere.

After cake we opened presents. He got a music set and blocks from Grandmari, a shape sorter and stacking chicken from his siblings, and a train from us. Sophie and Davey were very excited to help him, and I don't think Charlie even saw some of his presents that day because the were snatched by his siblings as soon as they were out of the package.

Charlie at 12 Months
  • 30 inches (46%) 20.8 lbs (39%) and 18.5 inch head (72%). He grew some since his last check up! We had been worried because he lost weight between his 6 month and 9 month well checks. It wasn't a big gain, but it was progress and hopefully the start of getting back on track.
  • Charlie can pull up to stand independently, but gets nervous being unsupported after a few seconds and will sit back down. He has also taken a few steps on his own. We hope he will start walking in the next month or two so he can enjoy the backyard and parks with the family now that spring his here. 
  • He got his molars this past month, and his other bottom teeth have broken through, bringing his tooth count total to 10. 
  • I fear we are already starting make the transition to only one nap. The other kids gave up morning naps around 18 months, but Charlie won't last that long. Right now he takes only one nap a couple days a week, and by summer I'm sure that will be his regular schedule. 
  • He loves to play with the tub handles for the master bath. They are right at his level and he is just drawn to them. I've found the water running more than once, so we are working on a way to baby proof them. 
  • He loves relaxing in his baby float at the pool, throwing gravel around the backyard, helping my "unload" the dishwasher, and being carried around. 

At his one year well check

He's cute and he knows it

"So Big" is his favorite trick these days

Loving the swings at the park

Baby bubble monster

We love you Charlie!!

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