February 20, 2019

Updates to Sophie's Room

Sophie's room didn't need much change, but we did make a few updates after completing Davey's room as a surprise for her. She never complained once about Davey getting so many new things, which actually surprised me. Sophie normally has an inner alarm that starts blaring anytime she detects unfairness (whether it's reasonable or not) and I was proud of how well she handled watching his new room take shape.

One day we will probably repaint her room since it's SO PINK, but for now it will stay that way because she likes it and we don't want take on an unnecessary project. We did change a few pieces to move away from her "owl theme" she had as a baby, and got her a bigger reading chair since her old one was both too small, and very worn out.

 I didn't take great "before and after" photos of her room, but you can see where we traded out her rug and her chair (top is old, bottom is new). When we visit the beach this summer we will look for some cool shells to display and try to take some ocean photos that we can print on a canvas to hang on her wall. 

Sophie chose a blue rug, to be like the ocean, her new chair is the shape of a shell, and the inflatable dolphin was a prize she got from the dentist. 

We had already replaced her flower bedspread with a mermaid one a few months ago. 

I picked up a couple shell art pieces and we got her a new bedside lamp. It's a touch lamp, which had asked for and really loves. 

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