February 18, 2019

Davey's Dinosaur Room

Davey's room had been on the "project list" since we first moved in back in August 2017. His walls were lavender, he had a flower dresser and a daisy chandelier, his shelves were full of baby toys, and he was outgrowing his crib. As his 3rd birthday approached, we decided it was finally time to make the change, and we let him pick the theme - dinosaurs!

It took us two days to get all the furniture moved out, the room painted and the bunk beds built. It actually was quite a bit of work for redoing such a small room! Painting always takes longer than you think and putting up bunk beds sounds like a quick project, but in addition to getting bunk beds we also had to get new mattresses, mattress pads, new sheets, comforters, and more pillows - that adds up! He was so excited though and we are glad he loves his new "big boy" room!



Charlie will eventually move into this room so we chose to put in bunk beds for them to share. We selected a twin-over-full configuration so we would have a bigger bed for company, and so an adult could sit comfortably on the edge of the bed to talk, read stories, or tuck someone in without hitting their head. We also swapped out the daisy chandelier for a ceiling fan, which was a pain to install, but after a couple attempts we got it working!

We kept the dresser, but replaced the flower decals with dinosaurs. Davey also picked out a dinosaur poster at Hobby Lobby for his wall and I found a cute T-Rex reading lamp on sale at Target. 

We kept the changing table in the room for Charlie down the road, and it's nice to have for toy storage. I also found a fun dinosaur laundry basket at Ross. 

Daddy had lots of "help" building the beds

The kids were beyond excited about the bunk beds and we let them have a sleepover the first night Davey moved in to his new room.

The best part about the new room was Davey started taking naps again! He loved his big bed so much and would play in it, instead of on the ground, and normally he will end up falling asleep during quiet time. 

The crib-to-bed transition always leads to funny sleep positions :)

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