February 7, 2019

Charlie at 11 Months

Charlie is now 11 months old! He has grown so much and is constantly on the move, exploring. I don't think he will be walking by his birthday, but he is learning new things every day so I could be wrong. In the last week he has learned to climb up the stairs, open the garbage drawer to look for treasures, pull all the books off the shelves in Davey's room and turn the XBOX off and on. It won't be long before we have a little baby tornado whirling around our house...

He also made improvements with eating this last month!! We still have a long way to go, but table food now makes up about 25% of his diet, compared to 2% just a month ago. Nursing is still his favorite, but we normally get him to eat an oatmeal pouch each day, along with a few bites of whatever we're eating for lunch or dinner. He also loves yogurt melts so I've started carrying them in my diaper bag as a snack when we're at church or running errands.

Charlie at 11 Months
  • Around 20 lbs, wearing size 18 month clothes, and size 4 diapers (all the same as last month). At his check up next month we will hopefully find out that he has started growing again. 
  • He has a great smile that shows off all his cute teeth. I went back to look at photos of the other kids at this age and couldn't find one that showed their teeth well, but Charlie does a full mouth grin for everything and we love it!
  • He is a tactile baby and must touch everything, but only with his one finger. He will point at what he wants to touch and then poke it lightly as a test before deciding if it's something he wants to grab or eat. He does it with food, leaves, faces, things at the store, etc...
  • Has settled into a pretty good nap routine with naps around 9 and 1:30 pm each day. He has stopped sleeping through the night, but we hope that nights will get better as his eating improves. Right now he goes to bed just before 7, will wake 1-3 times in the night, and then get up around 7 the next morning.
  • He favorite game is transferring items - take everything out, then put it all back in, or take a lid off and then put it back on again. 
  • Says mama, uh-oh, touch!, and sometimes dada. He loves to wave, dance to music, and will often sing very loudly during sacrament meeting. 
  • Is fully attached to his blue blanket always sleeps snuggled into it. He also likes to chew on Blue, so it's dirty all the time and I have to time my laundry cycles well to get it back to him before the next nap. 
  • He wants to be wherever his siblings are and will normally seek them out to watch what they are playing and try to join in. Sometimes they bring him into their game and sometimes the door gets closed in his face, which breaks his little heart. 
Helping me get ready in the morning

This boy is so loved

Doing a little garbage can fishing

We don't ever go upstairs (it's where Liz is living) so it took him forever to even realize the stairs existed. Now that he has discovered them, however, we can't keep him off and he will just climb them on repeat until I create a barricade. Time for the baby gate!

Showing off his cute little teeth

Charlie likes to try and spoon-feed himself, which is very inefficient and very messy, but at least he is eating!!

My happy boy with all the treasures he found in the toy room

Cruising along the couches - he'll be walking soon!

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