January 6, 2019

The Fourth and Final Christmas

Christmas just kept coming for us this year! After we returned from our travels the kids were able to finally see what Santa left at our house while we were gone. They had been looking forward to this moment for a few weeks and were not disappointed! This was the first year we had to delay gifts and I'm glad it went over well since it will likely happen almost every Christmas. 

Sophie got her CD player and has been listening to music nonstop ever since. She has taken over the roll of house DJ and makes sure there is never a quiet moment in our house. 

Davey got the Sea Patroller boat! He was thrilled when we showed him that the little Paw Patrol vehicles he got for Christmas a couple weeks ago could ride inside the boat.

Charlie didn't ask Santa for anything this year, but has loved this Spin Again toy that was left for him. The big kids have also had fun with it and love helping Charlie load the spinning discs on the stick. 

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