January 20, 2019

My Two Little Fish

Sophie started swim lessons right after we got back from our holiday travels. I was going to wait a few weeks to get back into a normal routine before adding more to our schedule, but her best friend Emery was the only one registered for the class, so we signed Sophie up as well. It made our life crazy for a few weeks, but swim lessons are so worth it!

Sophie is a very good swimmer, and while we still keep on eye on her around water, she has all the skills to stay safe. Right now her lessons are helping her to improve her dive (which is coming along!) and learn strokes. The strokes are challenging for her, but she stuck with it and is making progress. She was also able to retrieve dive rings 9 feet deep this time! Maybe she'll join swim team some day!

Davey also had his first swim lesson. My friend's son dropped out of the level 1 class, and since the spot was already paid for, the aquatics manager let Davey take his place. He did just one real lesson (the teacher didn't show up the second time) and had fun jumping in and splashing around. It was a good trial run. He wants to go back and do more,  but I think we will probably wait for him to get a little older, and better at following directions, before we sign him up for real.

Davey was so excited to finally be allowed to go to lessons. He brought Captain America along to help him be brave.  We also got out his special new swimsuit. It's for our beach trip in August, so it's a little big, but it sure made him happy to wear it!

Can you believe his teacher would ditch this cute little fish? He was so excited to get in, but then had to just sit and watch from the side. Luckily another instructor swam with him for a few minutes after the other lessons finished up. 

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