January 31, 2019

January Roundup

I know a lot of people feel like January is a long, dreary month, but we've had a great start to our new year and can't wait to see what comes next! We're back  into a good routine at home, and Dave is sailing along nicely at work. We are enjoying the new 2-hour church schedule, although we're still working to figure out the best way and time to implement the new Come Follow Me home study program. Here are a few other "goals" each of us has for the near future:

Dave - complete the Insanity workout program, tackle a few home projects

Mel - declutter, organize and decorate our house, plant a garden, start "mom school" with Davey

Sophie - become an independent reader, eat more foods, learn to ride a bike

Davey - make the switch from his crib to a big boy bed, eat more foods, POTTY TRAIN

Charlie - learn to walk, move out of our closet and into Davey's room, eat more foods (sense a theme?)

And here are a some pictures from January:

Gas prices were at the lowest we've seen in a long time earlier this month!

We are still going to the library every Thursday for the music program and book check out, although roles have reversed. Charlie is now the one who is all over the place (like getting stuck in the book shelf) and Davey is the one who sits calmly while I gather books. 

A sweet moment between these two! It doesn't happen often, but I love it when they can find a way to exist next to each other peacefully for a minute.  

Family game night. Davey is still a little young to understand most games, but he loves to be involved and Sophie has learned to just let things go when he breaks a rule or goes out of turn. 

I took the big kids to a slime activity at Michael's on Saturday. Each kid got a bag of slime to make into a snowman and then decorate. They loved it and by the end their snowmen were covered in beads, pom poms, and glitter. 

Surviving Stake Conference. Sophie found a friend and joined her family, and we had Davey's two friends join our row. It was chaotic, but we made it through!

After watching Marie Kondo on Netflix I've been on a cleaning rampage! Our house wasn't really messy, but when we moved in a lot of stuff just got put in closets without being organized so I'm trying to go back through and make sure we are only keeping stuff we need, and storing it in a way that we know it exists. 

I also have gone through and refolded all the clothes for myself and the kids using her methods. I'm not sure how long our drawers will stay like this, but I do like how everything fits in so nicely and you can see every piece at once. 

I told Sophie that she was two big to ride double with her friend Emery, but they proved me wrong - these girls are two peas in a pod!

At the cheer gym with the boys. Davey built a castle out of foam blocks that other kids kept trying to knock down. It was really frustrating for him, but we eventually got it built up to his standards and then he knocked it all down. 

Sophie colored this in kindergarten for Martin Luther King day. I have loved her artwork lately.  

We had temps in the 60s all week, then were hit by a small snow storm over the weekend, and then on Monday it was all the way up to 73 again. Amarillo sure has wild weather!

Like all babies, Charlie is now fascinated by the dishwasher. Time to keep the knives in the back!

Building humongous towers with Davey on a cold day

My phone is full of pictures of Davey sleeping in strange places now that he refuses naps. He always seems to give in every 3-4 days and I often just leave him where he is, or sometimes I'll carry him to his crib. 

It had been awhile since we had eaten lunch with Sophie at school, so we brought her a special meal of Top Ramen, apples, crackers, and chocolate milk. 

Our library check out receipts keep getting longer and longer. I'm pretty sure we are one of their best customers. This last time the lady even noticed that I had upgraded my book bag to a larger one.  

We made our first trip down to Lubbock to attend the temple (photo by Sophie). It was last minute decision, but we are glad we went even though it was an exhausting trip. We left at 6 am to drive down, dropped the kids at the Stake Center for babysitting around 8:15, went over to the temple for a 9 am session, picked up the kids around 11, went to Costco for some shopping and lunch, and then returned home to Amarillo around 3. 

Our house was hit with stomach flu. I was the first to get sick, followed by Dave, and then Davey. It was a rough 24 hours. At first we thought it might have been food poisoning, but then we heard that several other families in the ward also got sick, so we must have caught it from church :(

Davey has become a puzzle master! He is able to do most 24-piece puzzles on his own now.

Charlie is a master of destroying puzzles left on the ground :)

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