January 2, 2019

Christmas in Seattle - Cabin Fun

During our Christmas trip we were able to spend a few nights up at the cabin in Snoqualmie pass. Dave and I used to spend a lot of time up at the cabin while we were living in Seattle, before we had kids. I have great memories of weekends up there doing puzzles, reading books, playing games, taking hikes in the summer and skiing in the winter. Being there with kids is a totally different experience, one that is quite the opposite of peaceful and quiet. I will admit there were a few moments I wish I could have made them vanish for a short time, but this season of toddlers, yelling, and mess will pass.

The kids did have a blast. We drove up in the dark the first time and put the kids right to bed, and when Davey woke up in the morning he was so surprised by the snow and kept calling everyone over to go look out the window. We took them sledding in the driveway and ate lots of fresh snow cones while we were up there. Living in Texas they will probably not see tons of snow, so I'm sure our Christmas trips to the cabin will be something they look forward to in the future!

Enjoying the beautiful scenery as we drove up the pass

Arriving at the cabin

Playing cowboys in the loft

Adventuring out into the snow

Sledding in the driveway

Two happy kids, and one kid who did not want to take a photo

On our second trip Sophie went up a day before us so she could spend one last night with Anne, who was leaving in the morning. They played games, ate snow cones, and then had a sleepover in the queen bed. 

My mom watched the kids while Dave and I went snowshoeing in the woods behind the neighborhood. I had forgotten how fun it was and had a great time!! We also went with Brodie and his two dogs and it was fun to watch them bound through the deep powder. 

With my Charlie

We did a little photoshoot with Charlie and Briggen. They were so confused about what was going on, but sat through it very patiently :)

Snow cones!! One of my favorite treats that I look forward to every time we visit. My personal favorite is a blackberry/peach combo.

With my mom and sister in our matching flannels. We look tired because it's New Year's and we are too old to stay up until midnight :)

On New Year's day we went skiing in the morning. There wasn't any new snow, but the conditions were still good and after not skiing for a couple years due to babies, I was just fine it wasn't a big powder day. 

I also got a puzzle done while we were up there

We let these munchkins take a bath together. Even though Charlie has slimmed down a lot, he's still got some chunk in his thighs. 

Farewell cabin - we wish we could have stayed longer!

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