December 9, 2018

The First Christmas

We always travel for Christmas, and as our family has grown older and larger the logistics of it all have become more complicated. This year was a Seattle Christmas and flying with regular luggage for 5 people + snow clothes + presents would have been crazy, so we chose to open almost all our family gifts at home on December 8th. We did it so early because I wanted the kids to have time to enjoy their new toys before we left town the following weekend.

We were also supposed to be hit by the storm of the century that day (10 inches of snow in the forecast!), which would have been the perfect setting to stay home and celebrate, but instead the storm swung east before making it's way to Amarillo and we got nothing. Oh well. It did mean we were still able to attend our ward Christmas party that evening, which everyone was worried would be cancelled. The kids had a great time playing with friends at the party, we enjoyed a nice meal, and then Santa made a surprise visit at the end.

Our little tree. I am hoping to pick up a bigger one (10+ feet) on clearance next year. I was not sure if the kids could handle having presents under the tree, so I started with just a few boring ones (dishes, shoes, books) and when they left those alone, I slowly added in the rest. This how things looked on December 7th, our "Christmas Eve."

Since Sophie is our Chief Fairness Officer, I made sure each child had the same number and excitement level of gifts. From us they got a shirt, a book, a DVD, a plate/bowl set, one small toy, and one big toy.

Dave and I received his and hers ladders :)

Seeing Santa at the ward party

That weekend we also drove the neighborhood to look at lights. This 25 ft inflatable snowman was the favorite of the night. 

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