December 13, 2018

No More Naps

Davey quit naps cold turkey around the Thanksgiving break. I'm not sure if the change happened because family was around and he didn't want to miss out, or if he just decided to be done. Either way, "naptime" as we knew it has ended and I am still mourning its loss. I really looked forward to that quiet time in the afternoon to regroup and recharge, and overtired 2 year olds are just no fun.

Davey is also still adjusting to the change. Some days he does great, and can make it all the way to bedtime with a smile on his face and energy to spare. Other days, however, he struggles and the exhaustion makes him whiny, stubborn, teary, irrational, clingy, and/or a rage monster. On those days, he will still refuse to nap in bed, but if you do anything that forces him to just sit still for a few moments (ride in the car, watch a show, etc...) he will pass out. This happens quite often and I've gathered a pretty good collection of Davey "not napping" over the past month that I posted below:

School pick up is a vulnerable time and he often falls asleep in his car seat

Passed out on our bed

Snoozing on the back door rug

One day he was really tired on our drive over to meet friends. When I got him out of the car and put him on the grass he actually fell over, and then crawled back into the van and lay down. Since I couldn't leave him in the parking lot, I carried him inside and he took a nap on my chest. 

Laying on the living room rug

This contorted nap happened at the cabin. He was watching a movie and fell out of his chair, but didn't wake up. When I found him like this I hurried to get a pillow and then pulled him on to the floor so he could be more comfortable. 

Sleeping on the floor of his room

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