December 20, 2018

2018 Howe Family Christmas Card

I used the same company to print our Christmas cards this year as last year. I sent our order in before Thanksgiving, but was so sad when they came back dull and blurry. I went back and forth for a few weeks on whether or not I wanted to even send them out, and then decided that I would contact Customer Service to request new ones.

After some negotiation, I was able to get them to send out free replacements, which were delivered to our home in Texas even though I double confirmed that they would be shipped to my parent's house in Seattle where we were staying. Time to contact Customer Service again! They apologized and got a third batch printed and shipped overnight, and once those cards arrived I quickly got my envelopes stuffed and sent just a couple days before Christmas - phew! In the end I wound up with over 200 cards - too bad I can't use them next year...

My sister took the photo I used for our Christmas card this year while we were in Seattle for the summer. Look how cute those kids are!! It's so hard to get a natural smiles from them most days, and yet we got a winner with only a few takes. 

Our family infographic for 2018 

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