December 17, 2018

December Roundup

The December Roundup only covers the first half of the month since we left for Seattle on the 17th. Our days were filled Christmas music, books and activities. It seemed like we just bounced from one event to the next until it was suddenly time to leave town.  Now that the kids are getting older it's been fun to see their excitement as they get caught of in the spirit of the season.

Sophie had to decorate a gingerbread girl for school. She did everything herself, minus the ribbon curling and squeezing of the glue bottle. 

Yum!!! A box of Harry and David pears was a special surprise from my grandma

Sophie's been taking a gymnastics class at Amarillo College with her friend Emery for the past four months. She will likely never be gymnast, but she sure had fun trying! 

One of our YW activities was a calligraphy night. I'm still far from good, but it was fun to see how much I improved after just 30 minutes of practice.

Davey got to make pretend snow at the Discovery Center. He loved using the pipette to squirt the powder and watch it grow!

We went to a friends house one day to make gingerbread houses. It was a fun disaster.  

We had just a couple nights in Dallas before flying out to Seattle. One of them was spent with cousins at Peppermint Park. It was crazy overpriced, but the kids had a great time. Here is Davey with his $4 cookie. 

Riding the $6 train

At grandma's house Davey spent his first night in a big boy bed. It actually went well. We are going to start shopping for a new bed for his room after the holidays. 

We also celebrated Dave's birthday in Dallas. His mom made a delicious lamb dinner and then we had Robert Redford for dessert. Happy birthday Dave!

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