December 6, 2018

Charlie at 9 Months

Charlie is 9 months old now! He is crawling on hands and knees, exploring everywhere he can. His favorite destinations are Sophie's room, the Christmas tree, the dishwasher and the shoe basket. His most notable change is that he's no longer our chunky boy. We had noticed his growth slowing, and at his 9 month well child visit the pediatrician confirmed that he had actually lost a pound since his last check up, falling from the 80th percentile to the 38th. Part of that slim down is due to his increased physical activity, but mostly because he has been so resistant to eating solids.

We are not sure if he has a super strong gag reflex, or is just difficult, but it's hard to get food in his mouth, and once it's there he does not know how to swallow. Luckily we've seen a big improvement over the last few days! He's willingly eaten a few tablespoons of oatmeal and purees, which seems small, but we're moving in the right direction! If he keeps improving over the holidays, we might be able to cancel the "oral aversion" evaluation his doctor wanted him to have. Wish us luck!

Charlie at 9 Months
  • 9 Month stats were 19 lbs (38%), 29 inches (77%) and an 18 inch head (72%). This is the first time we've had a baby below average weight, and hopefully we'll be able to fatten him up again soon. He is still wearing 12-18 month clothes and is now in size 4 diapers. 
  • He loves to dance and will start rocking back and forth and shaking his head whenever music comes on. 
  • His other top tooth grew in, so he doesn't have his signature "one tooth smile" anymore, and now tooth #5 is starting to break through on the top
  • He's on a pretty regular nap schedule, which is great, but it does make it harder for us to go out and do stuff with friends now that we need to plan around his sleep. I miss the "sleep on the go" days. 
  • We haven't given him a haircut yet, but will need to soon to clean up hair around his ears. It's gotten pretty long and could use a trim. 
  • Charlie is normally a pretty calm, happy boy, but he can throw the biggest tantrums when you take something away from him. They're so dramatic it's almost comical. 
  • He can't pull up on stuff yet (although he's working hard to learn how!), but he can stand well to play or look at things up on the coffee table or couch. 

At his check up, where he got busted for being a bad eater

He is probably wearing more food than he ate, but things are getting better! So far we've found that he tends to like savory foods more than sweet, and he seems to dislike anything apple-based. 

Trying to pull down the Christmas lights

First time in the car cart at the grocery store

Baths in the sink are still a favorite, especially if I leave the faucet running on just a trickle

Snuggled up for a nap with his blanket "Blue"

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