November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving & a Visit From Grandparents

Our original plan was to drive to Dallas for Thanksgiving, but since Liz was working the shift the night before, we invited Dave's parents to come join us in Amarillo instead! I have never hosted a Thanksgiving or cooked a turkey, so I was a little nervous, but his parents brought a smoked turkey with them - perfect!! The turkey also came with potatoes and gravy, so we only had to put together a few sides for the meal. It wasn't the fanciest dinner ever, but it tasted great and the clean up went really fast. 

While his parents were here Sophie stole Grandma for several hours each day to play in her room, read books, do crafts and play games. Davey also loves his grandparents and spent time doing puzzles, building duplos, and playing cars with Papa. And Charlie just snuck in a snuggle whenever he could. We are all so grateful they made the trip out to Amarillo to celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with us!

Sophie worked on her gratitude turkey (Davey insisted it was a chicken) all month long. Each day she would right on a feather and then add it to the turkey, and he was looking pretty full by the time Thanksgiving arrived. 

I am not a hostess or decorator, but our table actually looked pretty good! Sophie helped me make the little turkeys the day before, my grandma Lambert made the table runner, the gold pumpkin was a gift from my mom, and I was lucky enough to find a matching set of chargers on clearance at Michael's!

And of course, the table decorations don't really matter, just the people around it

Thanksgiving snuggles with Aunt Liz

After dinner was cleaned up, we started this enormous puzzle which took a week to finish (separate post coming soon).

Grandma brought this fun potholder craft for Sophie to work on. They had a great time completing it together and now it's in my oven drawer. 

The day after Thanskgiving we got out the Christmas decorations. It didn't take Charlie long to discover the tree and ornaments - busted!

Dave and his dad also took the doors off our built in cabinets! It was something I have been wanting to do for awhile, but we had just never gotten around to it. Now we can use the shelves for display, and it was the perfect place for my Christmas decorations!

We took grandma and grandpa over to Candy Cane Lane, a street in a nearby neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. 

We found Santa! He was sitting out front of the last house and the kids were excited to tell him what they want for Christmas, although Davey was still a little unsure and wanted to keep some distance.  

On Saturday we went to see the new Grinch movie. I thought it was cute, and Sophie absolutely loved it. Davey did well too and stayed in his seat the whole movie. We'll probably add it to our Christmas DVD collection when it comes out next year. D

And for dinner we went back to the Big Texan because it's a fun place to take out of town guests, and I'm not one to say "no" to a second steak dinner! 

Charlie is overwhelmed by that place and just sat in his high chair looking around

Before grandma and grandpa left, they surprised us with these fun matching pajamas. Dave's mom knew he wouldn't care for these, but he put them on for a photo and then gave them back to return to the store. We make cute pandas :)

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