November 7, 2018

Charlie at 8 Months

Charlie is 8 months old now! He went through some big changes over the last couple weeks and is now army crawling all over the place, saying "mama," and going to bed at a reasonable hour. He also got his first teeth! Only one tooth came through on the top though, so he's got a cute little jack-o-lantern smile that was perfect for Halloween. We had hoped that he would also start eating this last month, but he still refuses spoon feeding. We've tried oatmeal, apples, carrots, avacado, banana, and even ice cream with no luck. He also hasn't figured out how to chew and swallow finger foods either, so I am still exclusively nursing this giant boy. Maybe this month we will have more progress.... we sure love him though!!

Charlie at 8 Months
  • I didn't measure him this month, but he's around 20 pounds and wearing 12-18 month clothes. We're also finishing up our box of size 3 diapers and then we'll move up to size 4.
  • He is on the move! He scoots all around the house and has enjoyed being able to explore. He has also learned to move from his stomach back to a sitting position, although it sometimes takes him a few tries.
  • Just like our other kids, he can be a very dramatic crier. He makes the most pathetic sad face and can produce huge, fat tears almost instantly. The things that most often make him sad are Davey, someone taking his toy, Davey, me walking by without acknowledging him, and Davey. 
  • He has two teeth on the bottom and one on top. The other top tooth is close to breaking through to even out his smile. 
  • In addition to saying "mama," he also learned to growl this month. The kids love to growl at him and then have him imitate it back.
  • Is starting to become attached to his blue dinosaur blanket. He loves to bury his face in it, and snuggle the furry side when he is tired. 
  • Can escape from the bumbo seat, so that's no longer a safe option, and we also put away the bouncer and swing. This boy is growing up!

First time in the snow! It was windy and freezing cold, but he didn't seem to mind. 

Crawling around, looking for crumbs in the rug

Sad that I won't let him eat marbles

Charlie loves bath time. In just a couple months he'll be ready to join the big kids, but for now he gets cleaned in the kitchen sink. 

His signature one-tooth smile

Sleeping on the rug

He is just the sweetest boy

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