November 3, 2018

A Visit from Grandmari

My mom came for a short visit at the end of October while my dad was on an out-of-state hunting trip. Her last trip to Amarillo was for Charlie's birth so we weren't the best hosts, but this time we had lots of fun things planned!

In our 4 days together we ate lunch with Sophie at school, carved pumpkins, trick-or-treated, shopped the Halloween clearance, went to the Discovery Center, enjoyed ice cream at Braums, swam at the WT pool, went birthday shopping for me, built helicopters at the kid's Home Depot workshop, read books, played games and more! She even helped me clean the house and take the kids to get flu shots (which went so much better than last year). We love Grandmari!!

Grandmari with the kids - Sophie (5), Davey (2) and Charlie (7 months)

Eating lunch with Sophie on Halloween. We brought donut holes as a special treat!

On Friday we checked Sophie out of school for a few hours so she could play with us at the Discovery Center. Texas has really strict attendance policies, but I think this "appointment" was worth it!

Spelling Sophie's name on the giant Lite Brite

All aboard the life raft!

Trying out the helicopter simulator (they crashed)

Charlie all bundled up after our swim at the WT pool

Dinner and ice cream shakes at Braum's

This is the new clock my mom bought me for my birthday, which is also the first thing we hung on the wall, even though we've lived here for more than a year now.

Our friends were also at the Home Depot workshop and my mom helped Sophie's friend assemble her helicopter. It was nice having an extra set of hands!

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