October 31, 2018

October Roundup

October was busy, busy, busy. I love this time of year, but the beginning of the holiday season also means we never seem to have a "normal" week with nothing going on. Our calendar has been pretty full! We had out of town guests twice this month, which was wonderful. One of my biggest hesitations about moving out to Amarillo was that we would feel isolated, but so far we've been lucky enough to have visitors every few months who are either just passing through, or who come to stay awhile. I have also started to make some good friends and normally meet up with people a few times a week so the kids can play while the moms chat.

Here are some October memories:

The kids had dentist appointments. We changed dentists because I didn't like the last one, and everything went well this time. Davey watched Sophie, who did awesome, and then he did very well during his turn. He was nervous, but we brought Yellow and I was able to sit on the chair with him and hold his hand. 

Davey is growing up and starting to fight naps more. He still needs them most days, even if he insists otherwise. It's amazing how fast he can go from crazy to sleeping if you can just get him to hold still for a few minutes.  Luckily I've also gotten really good at transferring from his car seat to his crib since he often falls asleep in the car. 

Charlie and daddy sleeping in

Fall weather is perfect for morning walks. Davey wanted a turn to push and ended up going a few blocks with the stroller before turning it back over to me. 

Both boys had cold at the beginning of the month, and then again at the end of the month. It's definitely the start of sick season, but I hope things will get better for us instead of worse. 

Davey colored himself at the library while I was picking out books. The librarian came and found me to tell me that he had stopped coloring his paper and had moved on to his face. 

Davey wanted me to make a pumpkin on the lite brite. I tried my best and it turned out recognizable!

One day our garage didn't raise all the way and I hit it with the top of the van while I was backing out to go get Sophie. Luckily I was able to push it up manually to get the car out and get to the school, and then we had a repairman come the next morning. He was able to just switch out the bottom panel that was damaged instead of the whole door - phew!

Third times the charm! We got another new rug. Our first rug was very nice, but shed everywhere and was too small. The next rug was too thin, hard to keep clean, and was already starting to look worn (it was cheap). I put a lot of research into our last rug (since Dave wouldn't let me order a fourth) and it is AMAZING! It's super plush and comfortable, doesn't show dirt, and looks great in our room. I love it!!

More Discovery Center fun. Can you tell we come here a lot? The employees all know us by now.  

Someone got a little turned around in bed during nap time

Davey loves to help me check out at Sam's Club with the scanner gun. He knows how to look for the "zebras" (barcodes) and then "beep" them. 

One day I came out of my room to this scene. He totally thought the pillow would hide the fact that he was eating a carton of strawberries on the couch.

Freddy's had 30 cent custard for their anniversary. We went over for bed time snack, and you should be able to tell from their faces how they enjoyed it :)

Charlie even let us sneak in a few bites before he realized what was going on and rejected the spoon

My friend and I signed up for a play group at the library in Canyon. It was on Fridays and they just had a big room of toys where you could play with your kids. Davey loved making "blue trains" but every time one of the cars would tip over he would stop the whole thing and put them up straight again. He's a bit of a neat freak like his mom :)

After library play time we would stop by to visit daddy on campus since we were in Canyon

Someone in the neighborhood decorated the fire hydrant in their yard for Halloween. We thought it was clever and the kids always like to keep their eye out for it when we were driving around. 

My gym is about a 15 minute walk from our house. One morning I decided to take the boys over in the stroller for my workout instead of the car. It was a nice walk over, but I was sooo tired for the walk home. Next time we went back to driving. 

Davey scattered the box of 200 hair ties while I was feeding Charlie. It's lucky he also likes to clean up. 

Sophie drew this picture for Davey to hang in his room. It's all of his favorite things. I don't know what all the objects are, but I thought the robot and dinosaur were cute. Sometimes she can be such a sweet sister. 

Sophie's kindergarten class went on a field trip to the pumpkin farm at the end of October and Dave was able to go with her as a chaperone. 

On the last Sunday before daylight savings ended, we went on a family walk to soak up the sun, since this time next week it will be dark. 

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