October 16, 2018

GG Grandma and Papa Gray Come to Visit

My Lambert grandparents came for a visit in the middle of October! We were so excited to have them and so grateful they made the trip all the way out here from California. It had been over a year since we had last seen them, and even though the kids didn't really remember who they were, they warmed up really quick and were all over them in no time!

While they were here we showed them our new house and around Amarillo. It was really cold while they were here, so we never made it out to the canyon, but still found plenty of other stuff to do. Highlights included dinner at the Big Texan, having Dave lead a tour of WT campus, lunch with Sophie at her school, a trip to Cadillac Ranch, lots of football watching, games, and stories.

Bedtime stories with GG. Davey also insisted that Papa Gray be the one to put on his pajamas and put him to bed. 

Dave gave us a tour of WT campus. We saw his office,  the classroom where he teaches, and the student center. Afterwards we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Braums. 

Dinner at the Big Texan! This was also our first time eating here, and it turned out to be really fun with good food! The Big Texan is famous for their 72 oz sirloin meal, that is free if eaten within one hour. There were three people that took on the challenge while we were there, but we didn't see anyone succeed. 

Our dinner was delicious. The rolls were light and fluffy and the meat was cooked perfectly. Dave and I split a prime rib dinner, and my grandparents shared a 36 oz steak, half the size of the competition sirloin. 

On the last day of their visit we went to eat lunch with Sophie at her school. You get to sit at a special table and Sophie loved having them there. We even picked up some munchkins from Dunkin Donuts as a special treat. 

Our last stop was Cadillac Ranch. It's not super amazing, but definitely a unique attraction that warrants a quick visit. The cars still had big puddles around them from all the rain, but luckily the walk out there was dry so we could still get pretty close. 

This was Charlie's first time meeting his great grandparents

I wish I had taken a picture of all three kids with them before church on Sunday, but I didn't so this one with the boys was the best I could do since Soph was at school. 

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