October 5, 2018

Charlie at 7 Months

Our Charlie is now 7 months old. He is growing so fast and this will probably be the last month before he becomes truly mobile. He wants to move so badly, and almost has the strength and the skills to make it happen. Even with his limited range, he still manages to find all sorts of interesting crumbs and other objects on the floor, which I guess is a cue for me to start vacuuming more. He adores his family and just bubbles over with happiness whenever anyone pays attention to him. We love our Charlie bug!

Charlie at 7 Months
  • I didn't measure him this month, but I would guess he's around 20 pounds right now. He's wearing 12-18 month clothes, that fit great except for the sleeves. Sometimes I have to roll them up a bit, because he will chew on them if they hang down over his hands at all. 
  • Still all gums, which works fine because he does not like food at all. Everything I try to feed him is immediately rejected after just a bite or two, so for now he is still 100% breastfed. 
  • He is really wanting to explore more, but can't move all that well yet, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He will reach, fold himself in half, and lunge to get things and I find him in strange positions all the time. 
  • He has become very skilled in his walker and moves around with two feet now, instead of jumping. He can navigate our kitchen, back up when he crashes into things, and roll over rugs and other obstacles. 
  • Waving is his favorite. Whenever he enters a room he sticks one arm out and waves it around. 
  • Takes 3 naps of varying length a day, around a loose schedule. Unfortunately he's still a bit of a night owl and does not go down for bed until around 10 pm. 
  • Has started making new sounds like "ma ma ma ma" in addition to his shrieks and bird noises. 

He likes to ride in the cart now instead of his car seat!

Sleeping in my arms

My handsome guy

Showing off his standing skills!

Another failed attempt at feeding him oatmeal

There is always a river of drool coming off his chin. He doesn't spit up that often anymore, but I still have to change his clothes all the time because they get soaked through with slobber. 

On the day of his 7 month mark we went swimming as a family and he had a good time making laps around the lazy river in his baby float

Charlie never took a binky, but every now and then he will find one and pop it in, like he's been doing it his whole life

Just doing his best to get around

I thought his eyes would be lighter brown as a baby, but now they're very dark, just like his siblings

He loves to suck his bottom lip, so I see this cute little smirk often 

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