September 21, 2018

Spider Invasion

I recently read online that September through the first weeks of October are spider season. Males are on the move, looking for a mate, and we have seen a increase in the number of spiders in our house, so it must be true. And these aren't your everyday spiders either, they are HUGE! I can handle tiny guys with a kleenex or a vacuum, but these ones are big and nasty so if Dave's at work, I trap them with a cup until he gets home to deal with them. One morning was especially bad - four spiders before lunch.

We haven't done any spraying or pest control at our house, but if this trend continues we might need to make a call. My mom's exterminator also said that vacuuming baseboards to remove all web/food particles can help keep populations down. I have since gone on a spider crusade and vacuumed every square inch of the house, including under and behind furniture. Hopefully it helps some!

The spiders from that one bad morning. Four locations, and four different species:

Diaper Spider & Kitchen Spider

Bathroom Spider & Wall Spider

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