September 30, 2018

September Roundup

Yikes! I didn't realize that September was so busy, but we did a lot! I guess busy is just our normal, which is good, because the next few months are full of holidays, birthdays, travel, and more, so hopefully we'll be up for it all.

My favorite part about September was getting our hammock swings, and the nights cooling off enough for us to start enjoying them again. The kids also all reached their half birthday this month (we didn't celebrate), but they are now 6 months, 2.5, and 5.5 years old. Sophie has settled in well at kindergarten and is becoming a better reader every day. Davey grew three inches over the summer and, while he can be a grumpy gremlin at times, he keeps us laughing at all the funny things he says and does. And Charlie is always drooling, smiling, and trying to extend his reach to explore all the things around him. Love those kids!!

Some fun at home. They go through different toy phases, where something will become popular and played with non-stop for a few days. This month it was PEZ dispensers (Davey calls them "up highs") and these little magnet sticks I got from my grandma's house.

Sophie had a "late-over" with her friend Ethan. They ate a lot of junk and watched the Emperor's New Groove in their pajamas. 

There was a balloon launch at the park by our house one morning. Davey and I walked over in pjs to check it out. It was a bit windy (like always) so they only flew a few hundred yards before coming back down, but it was fun to watch them inflate and ascend. There were 13 balloons total, and Davey's favorite was Spider-Pig.

Story time with daddy

Charlie helped me clean out Davey's closet - all of that will be his someday! This was two summer's, and one winter's worth of clothes that Davey had outgrown and I had just been throwing in a tub. 

Mr. Sour Patch Kid. Some days he is just in a mood, and nothing can bring him out of it. One night it was his turn for the dinner prayer. He was grumpy, so I prayed that we could all be happy, which instead of repeating, he said "but I'm sad."

He always looks sweet while sleeping :)

On one Saturday we went to the Tri-State Fair parade. It was long (2.5 hours), but much better than the Fourth of July parade, and the kids had a blast! The were fire trucks, motorcycles, animals, bands, candy and more!

Charlie spent most of the parade in a state of shock, and then fell asleep for the end

Hammock session with my boys

Naked little Davey making faces at himself in the mirror :)

Sophie has been taking a gymnastics class at Amarillo College. It's what we are doing this fall instead of soccer. She has LOVED it, especially since her friend Emery is also in the class. 

Davey also wanted to show me how he does gymnastics

And here's Charlie's trick - escaping the bouncy seat! Buckles are no longer optional...

A new exhibit opened this month at the Discovery Center. The theme is "Rescue!" and it has some really fun, interactive exhibits. The boys and I met up with some friends a couple days after it opened and had a great morning checking everything out. 

Davey with his two best friends, Graham and Mclane, doing a tug-of-war

There were lots of new stations, but Davey's favorite was the instructional CPR video. I kept trying to pull him away to the ball pit or helicopter, but he kept coming back to this monitor. When we went back the next day, he went straight for it again, but it was out of order. I can only imagine that we were the ones to break it, because I don't know who else would have been interested in it - oops!

Charlie had an epic blowout, but we have the most amazing sink in our laundry room that can literally blast the poop right off. I love it!!

Luckily the poop washed off this guy pretty easily too

Coloring Halloween pictures out on the trampoline since it was such a nice day

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