September 13, 2018

Life With the Boys

When Sophie was in preschool twice a week, we would make those our shopping/errand days so she wouldn't miss any of the fun. Now that she's in school all the time, we have no choice but to continue on without her. As far as she knows, we just sit around all day, and I don't tell her otherwise since she would be devastated if she knew she was missing out. It's a bit strange, and sad, to not have her around, but she is loving kindergarten, which has made the transition easier. 

I like to try and get out at least once a day, even if it's just a trip to the grocery store, For many of our outings though, we meet up with friends, and Davey is even starting to make some friends of his own! It's been fun to watch him respond to the extra attention and grow into his role as the "big boy" now that Sophie is not around to be the boss. He can be the sweetest, funniest kid (when he's not behaving like a gremlin) and he will be a fun buddy to have around for the next few years before he starts school too. 

Charlie and Davey are not friends by any means yet, but they are starting to have a few positive interactions to balance out the rough/physical ones

My cute boys on the bed

The highlight of our week is always library music time. It's all songs, instruments, games and dancing and you are never required to sit quietly on a rug - perfect for little boys! This is also our new seating arrangement for when I have both boys and only the single stroller. 

We've had some fun at both outdoor and indoor playgrounds

We've also been taking lots, and lots of walks. It was too tricky for me to take all three kids on long walks by myself, but now that we are down to two again and the weather is starting to cool off, it's been one of our favorite ways to spend the mornings.

One day we walked down to the south end of our neighborhood where some new homes are going in to look for "diggers." Davey is obsessed with all construction vehicles right now, so he was thrilled that we found a few that weren't in use for him to get a closer look. 

Charlie often nods off before we make it home

Just a couple more pictures from another walk. There were amazing clouds that day!


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