September 8, 2018

Charlie at 6 Months

Charlie is 6 months old! He is still the most easy going baby, and is always full of laughs and smiles, except when we try to hand him off to someone else. This boy is developing a strong preference for mom and doesn't like me to be too far away. He is a solid sitter, which is no surprise considering how substantial his thighs are :) I cant believe how fast this boy is growing!!

Charlie at 6 Months
  • He's a big boy, just like his brother. It's been really convenient that Davey and Charlie were born in the same season and seem to be growing at the same rate, so all of Davey's old clothes fit just right. At his check up he was 19 lbs 5 oz (82%) and 27.5 inches long (88%)
  • We have tried him on a few foods (oatmeal, bananas, puffs, and applesauce) and he has rejected all of them. He does not like food, or having food in his mouth and spits it right back out. Davey was a difficult feeder, and it looks like Charlie might be on the same track. 
  • Charlie loves to be warm. Even though it's summer and we keep the house at 73, he sleeps best in long sleeve pajamas, in a sleep sack. 
  • He can roll, but hardly ever does. He does not like to be on his tummy, so crawling will probably still be a ways off. He loves to stand though, and has really strong legs. 
  • Charlie is starting to take somewhat regular naps. I can normally count on a three naps a day, although our errands and activities frequently disrupt that schedule. He still is a night owl and stays up until 10 or 11 pm each night, but then sleeps until 8 the next morning so it's hard to complain. 
  • Still no teeth
  • His hair has grown some and he has pretty even coverage right now. I can tell it's longer though, because little fuzzies stick up in the back if he's been rubbing his head on things. 
  • Favorite toys include paper of all kinds (mail, napkins, church programs), bead necklaces, kitchen utensils, my hair, and toothbrushes. 
He got three shots at his check up and felt pretty sad about it for a few days

First taste of sand

Video: Charlie is extremely ticklish under his chin and arms so it is very easy to get him laughing

Video: Charlie also loves to make sounds. His favorite is gargling and he does it often to self sooth and fill quiet spaces. The original video was several minutes, so I trimmed it down, but he can go on for a long time


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