August 14, 2018

Summer Fun at Grandma's House

After our three weeks in Seattle, we flew back to Dallas and then stayed with the Howes for another 10 days before heading home to Amarillo. As always, our time there was full of friends, family, food, and me once again forgetting to take a photo of the kids with their grandparents. Grandma was even nice enough to take them on a special outing to CooCoo's (an indoor playland) and Chick-fil-A. Next time I will remember!!

Grandma was on an adventure in North Carolina at the beginning of our trip, so we sent her silly photos to let her know we missed her

Davey had a few very early mornings while we were visiting, so I took him outside because at least it's cool enough to play at that time of day

Sophie really loves these Mystery Mosaic coloring books at grandma's and completed several while we were there

We went to Lockhart Smokehouse with Greg because I was craving brisket, and it didn't disappoint!

Grandma brought blueberries home for Davey because she know they are his favorite

Swimming at grandma's neighborhood pool is always a fun, especially when Dave is there to make things more exciting!

One morning I braved the drive to downtown Dallas with the kids (and no Dave) to meet up with friends at the Perot Museum. They had a wonderful time!! The kids are old enough to remember each other now and are always so excited to see each other. This is the only picture I took from our visit (I had my hands full), but Sophie loved this purple heart geode. 

I went out with the girls one night for a pedicure and movie, and Charlie tagged along too! Our pedicure was not the best (over an hour waiting, then a rushed job) and Ocean's 8 was nothing special, but it's always nice to get away with these ladies!

 Time to head home because kindergarten starts in just two days!

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