August 15, 2018

Sophie Starts Kindergarten!

Sophie is off to kindergarten! I can't believe we aren't going to have her around anymore (it's full day), but we know she is so ready for this and is going to have a great year! Dave will be dropping her off in the mornings on his way to work, and I'll do pick up in the afternoons since we live 0.1 mile from the border of the bus zone. Her teacher this year is Ms. McCready, which is going to take some practice since Sophie currently calls her "Mrs. McGreeny." She was nervous for her first day, but came home feeling good and with news that she had already made two new friends.

We got back in town the day before school started. We went down to the office first thing that morning to get her registered and drop off her school supplies. She is going to Sleepy Hollow, home of the "Horsemen."

Dave and I both went with her on the first day to drop her off

Good luck and have a great year Sophie!!

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