August 3, 2018

Sammamish Summer - Week 3

**Warning: The Third of Three Hugely Long Posts**

THURSDAY: Our morning started at the temple and then we went swimming! My grandma used to always arrange for us to swim at her neighbor's pool when we would visit and it was the best. Today my mom arranged for her grand kids to swim at her neighbor's pool and they had a blast. I guess if I'm going to be a first rate grandma I better start finding friends who own a pool. We also had more fun cooling off in the lake after dinner. I'm so grateful we have access since Seattle's was in the middle of a heat wave and the AC at the house was broken.

We did a session at the Seattle Temple. It was nice to get away from the world for a bit. I texted my mom to let her know when we were done and headed home, and then a blind lady asked us for a ride to the bus depot, and we said "yes" without realizing how far away it was. 40 minutes later we actually made it home - sorry Grandmari for the extra long babysitting job!

Swimming at the neighbors very warm pool

And then swimming again in the lake

FRIDAY: We went to the Seattle Aquarium with cousins. It's not something I would ever pay for (northwest fish are scary/ugly and admission is $30), but we were able to get free tickets through the King County library, which made it a worthwhile activity. The kids are happy looking at the Walmart fish tanks, so they thought this was great!! For dinner we all ate at the food court and then took the kids on the quarter rides, which are always a hit.

The cousins just happened to line up in age order from youngest to oldest


It's hard to see, but Davey and Charlie were wearing matching octopus shirts :)

Sophie is probably nearing the end for these rides, but right now I'm glad she's still little and able to enjoy them.

SATURDAY: We filled today with more of our favorite things - lake, sand, watermelon, kuub (a stick throwing game), tubing, birthday cupcakes for Aunt Faye, and movie nights with the babies.

Davey on the left and Charlie on the right at the same beach at the same age. They both have enormous thighs!

My team was not into posing for photos

Girl's Only party at New York Cupcakes

SUNDAY: Today marked our 12 year anniversary ❤ We went to a park to take Lambert family photos (which will be shared later), and then we took a few on the playground afterward. If the next dozen years are even half as good as what we've had so far, then I will be a happy wife and mama. I love this family we have created together and can't wait to watch us all grow!

It was a Seahawks themed playground, so we took a photo by the 12th man symbol for our 12 years

Love these three kids of ours


And not related to our anniversary, but that night we played Telestrations and Dave's attempt to draw the "Three Bears" was truly terrible :)

MONDAY: Highlights of today's lake trip include taking Flossie the Flamingo out for a paddle, Charlie's first dip in the lake (he didn't cry, but he didn't love it either), water skiing with my sister, and seeing Heather, my friend of almost 25 years!! I'm so glad our trips to Washington overlapped enough for us to spend a few hours together. Tonight we also went to a baseball game with my entire family. I was a huge Mariners fan growing up and have such great memories of games at Safeco Field. The kids ate tons of junk, stayed up late, and the Mariners won!


Our seats for the baseball game were in the upper deck, but on the front row!! It was the perfect place to be with little kids because they could stand and move around without bothering anyone.

The whole Lambert family went and you can just barely see Brodie and Briggen in the back of our row. 

Pretty view of Seattle and the harbor

Heading home after a victory!!

TUESDAY: Splash pad fun! There is a big orca whale that kids love to climb up and then slide down. This year Sophie was brave enough to try, and that made little Davey want a turn too. He made it safely, but I was really glad Dave was there to be his spotter! Later we went to the lake again and were treated to an airshow. The neighbor has a remote control seaplane and was doing all sorts of tricks. I sat out on the dock and watched with Davey, who was completely mesmerized. We leave Seattle just before the Blue Angels perform this weekend, so this was a nice little consolation prize.

So tired...

You can see from his face how much Davey loved watching that airplane!

WEDNESDAY: For our final day in Washington we went back to the mountains. My sister and her family were heading home to Oregon, so we took the kids on a hike and then had one last family dinner at the cabin. The two girl cousins got to ride in the convertible with my dad after the hike and Sophie thought it was the best thing ever!! And Davey is not pictured because he fell asleep on the drive up and we decided it was better to let him finish his nap in the car than drag/carry him along a trail. We are sad to leave, but excited to think that the next time we return those mountains will be covered in snow!!

A quick cousin hot tub party before heading to the mountains

Look at all those suits - that is a sign of a good summer trip!

The girls wanted to hike a little more, so after the bridge we said goodbye to the boys and my parents and I took them on the Annette Lake Nature Trail.

Playing "Pooh Sticks"

Confused Davey who woke up when we got back to the car, and then the girls riding in the Porsche with Paco and Grandmari on the way to the cabin

THURSDAY: Our trip finally came to an end. We had a layover on the way back and I'm still not sure what I prefer. It's nice to give the kids a break in the middle to eat, run around, and get out their craziness, but it does make for a long travel day. At least this time around we were able to all sit together, and we even got to keep a middle seat for Charlie!

With our ridiculous pile of stuff - 7 suitcases, four backpacks, three car seats, three kids, two strollers, and one diaper bag. It was a trick to transport, but at least we were able to check most of it (love Southwest!!) and only take the essentials to the gate. 

Who would you rather sit by?

Farewell mountains

Riding the escalators 100 times during our layover in Denver

The crazy monkey finally ran out of energy

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