August 23, 2018

Davey's Sleep Struggles

Davey started to have troubles sleeping while we were traveling this summer. He HATED going to bed and would start crying about it when it was still only breakfast, and night was hours away. It was a dramatic battle whenever bedtime rolled around, which was so hard because he used to be so easy to put down. Some milk, a song, say good night and that was it! Now it took multiple attempts that always ended in crying and screaming. 

Then while we were at grandma's house, he started climbing out of his pack n' play - nooo! Dave would just sit outside his door for an hour each night until he finally fell asleep, but then I would find him wandering the house at 2 am playing in the toy room, or trying to get into the refrigerator. Since we were traveling, we didn't have options for door locks or moving him to a toddler bed, and just toughed it out, hoping he would go back to normal when we got home to his own room and crib. 

Sleeping in the hall at grandmas. I found him early in the morning on the carpet, so I made him a little bed so he could be more comfortable.

Well, he didn't. Bedtime was still a battle, and now he would climb out and go into Sophie's room at night. Sometimes it woke her up, or sometimes she would just find him in her bed or on her rug in the morning.  I eventually found a door lock for lever handles (the door monkey - it's genius!!) and was in the process of ordering bunk beds, when he suddenly started sleeping in his crib again. 

Crying about sleep - it was a daily struggle

Sleeping on his crib mattress at home. This didn't work any better, so we just put it back in his crib. 

It was a rough couple months, but it looks like we won't be making the crib-to-bed transition yet after all. We moved his nap earlier (noon instead of 2) and I think that has helped him feel more tired at bedtime, and I think the novelty of climbing out just wore off. He has been going down so much easier, and still climbs out on occasion, but the door monkey keeps him trapped in his room until we go get him in the morning. Hopefully when we do eventually move him to a big bed it goes smoothly since we've already worked through this period of independence and exploration.

And now things are going better! Sleeping, in his bed, without a struggle. I took these on two different days, but he has identical sleep position :)

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