August 7, 2018

Charlie at 5 Months

Charlie turned 5 months while we were traveling and life was crazy. Now that things have settled I can post about this happy, chunky boy! Last month he became a pretty stable sitter, moved up another clothing size (12 months now 😳), learned to use his hands to grab anything and everything, and smiled at every one he met. He is a perfect baby 95% of the time and we love him to pieces!!

Charlie at 5 Months
  • No check up this month, but by our scale he weighs around 18 pounds, which is double his birth weight! He is big enough that I can barely carry him in the infant car seat, and I normally just leave it in the van now. 
  • He drools like crazy, but there is still no sign of teeth poking through just yet. Most days I have to change his shirt 2-3 times because it gets soaked through, even with a drool bib. 
  • The other kids were able to start sitting at this age, but as his 5 month mark approached, Charlie didn't seem like he was even close. But then just a couple days later he figured it out and is now a pro!! He loves to be plopped down with a bunch of toys to wave and chew on - I think it makes him feel like a big kid! 
  • I have seen him roll both ways a couple times, but that's it. He's still a bit too chunky and flipping over is hard work. 
  • He is starting to fall into a bit of a nap routine, although the number, time, and duration are still all over the place. Haha. It's not his fault though. As the third child his schedule is always being disrupted by siblings, appointments, errands, and school pick up. 
  • His naps may be unpredictable, but his nights are still amazing. He goes to bed somewhere between 9 and 11 pm, but once he's down he will sleep 10 hours straight without a feeding. I've only been up with him in the night a couple times over the last few months. Angel baby!!
  • Thanks to his quick hands, he had his first taste of ice cream and licorice. 

First time sitting on his own!

Look at how solid those thighs are!


Using his new sitting skills to admire the handsome baby in the mirror

This balloon was a favorite for a few days

We bought him a walker after returning from vacation because he LOVES to be in a standing position. At first he could only make it go backwards, but now he's figured out how to manuver better and rolls all around the house. 

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