August 31, 2018

August Roundup

August was a return to normalcy after our weeks of travel and fun. Sophie started up school, Dave led a negotiations training for Pantex (a nuclear assembly plant) and then went back to teaching, and the boys and I fell back into a routine of walks, grocery shopping, and visits to our favorite places. August also marks one full year of being in Amarillo! We have now seen all the seasons and are feeling a little more at home. I can't say it's paradise here, but I do like it more than when we first arrived, so I guess things are looking up.

Rainbow over our house after a summer storm

Sophie with baby Davey in August 2016 and again with baby Charlie in August 2018

Dave was in charge of a ward "Back to School" breakfast at the church. He invited a firetruck and police car to attend, which were both very popular!

Hopefully this is the only time any of these three are ever in the back of a police car

A way to keep them from fighting, or Sophie spilling water on the middle cushion, or both!

Two new things we found at the Discovery Center - a lightning ball and a tornado machine

Sunday afternoon naps

Fun at the mall playground after school one day

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