July 18, 2018

Sammamish Summer - Week 1

**Warning: The First of Three Hugely Long Posts**

It had been a full year since I last went home to Washington, so I was really looking forward to our trip!! My mom and I had compiled a big list of fun things to do in the area, and I wanted to do them all! Dave thought I went a little overboard with the activities, but I wanted to make the most of our time away from Amarillo. Our summer schedule was very full, especially since we filled any open time with lake/cousin fun, but the kids loved it all and we were never bored :)

WEDNESDAY: This was our travel day. I found $80 direct flights from Dallas to Seattle - an amazing deal!! They left at 6 am, so it was a very early morning, but for that price it was worth it. Unfortunately our trip was a bit stressful because the airport was super crowded that morning and we barely made our flight. All groups had boarded and we were the last ones through the gate.  It was a full and we had to ask people to change seats so our kids wouldn't have to sit alone. I took Charlie and Sophie, and Dave and Davey sat together (I pity the poor man who was also on their row because it was not the best morning for Davey). We survived though!

Meandering through a super long security line. We also had to go through the line at the counter to get Charlie ticketed as a lap child. 

Charlie slept through 30 minutes of our 4 hour flight - better than nothing I suppose

Looking a little bedraggled while waiting for our luggage to arrive

Finally at Grandmari's house! She has a walker that baby Davey loved, and now it's Charlie's turn. He was cruising around in no time. 

THURSDAY: Build-a-Bear was having a "Pay Your Age" event that was well advertised, but very poorly planned. I was picking up my mom at the airport later that day, but left early to take the kids to Build-a-Bear on the way in. We got to the mall almost an hour early and the line was already a mile long, so we bailed and I took the kids to the Museum of Flight instead. I hadn't been here in 20 years, and had forgotten what a neat place it is. Sophie never knew what she wanted to see next because there were so many options, and Davey just walked around in a daze, mesmerized by all the planes. We were able to walk through a Concord Jet and Dreamliner, try a flight simulator, and watch a little plane come land at Boeing Field.

We love watching the Blue Angels, but our trip this year didn't line up with their aerial show, so this was as good as we'd get

On a Boeing Dreamliner. Sophie loved walking through all the planes, but you had to go up and down steep stairs each time, which was difficult with the two boys and no extra adult. If Dave had been with us we may have tried a few more. 

The low point of our trip: Charlie had a blowout, and then while the other two were fighting over snacks, Davey slipped and fell in a puddle and got soaking wet. Luckily I had spare clothes for both boys, and a Smartie candy to help Davey feel better after his wipeout.

I had Sophie take a picture of me and Charlie

The both zonked as soon as we left to go get Grandmari at the airport. It was only 11 am, but they were still adjusting to the time change. 

My sister also arrived later that afternoon, so Charlie got to meet his cousin Briggen, who is just 9 days older than him!

FRIDAY: We took the kids to Lake Sammamish State Park in the morning, where the kids loved playing with their new "fur cousin" Cosmo. Davey also rode the playground zip line and loved it! That afternoon Sophie wake surfed for the first time and was so brave!! She even went a second time after Dave completely buried her. While they were out on the boat, Charlie hung with cousin Briggen. That evening we celebrated my dad's birthday. His big gift was a shuffleboard set to use on the sport court. Dave and I played, and was super fun, except I lost :(

Charlie bit my finger!! 


SATURDAY: Fun day at the lake, in which I didn't even bring my camera down. But Davey ate a fudgsicle and it was a beautiful disaster.

SUNDAY: Post-church naps, dress up time, and fun at the lake before bed.

MONDAY: Today was a double nautical adventure ⚓⚓ First we drove to Bremerton, home of the USS Turner Joy Destroyer. It was decommissioned in the late 80s and is now open to the public for tours. Moving three kids up and down between decks repeatedly was exhausting, but exploring the ship was really neat and we had a great time. Afterward we boarded a ferry for the trip home to Seattle. It was a gorgeous day and we were able to spend time on deck after our picnic lunch. The captain even honked the horn for Sophie!

Sophie on one of the the triple bunks (there is one above her head not visible in the photo). It was crazy to imagine how many people they fit in such a small space. Most areas were sleeping 30+ people! I feel like I should never complain about the size of a bedroom again. 

In the galley

On the bridge

Lots of up and down

Looking out at the shipyard

Checking out the radar room

The engine/pump room

Captain's Quarters

Mayday! Mayday!

On the left is the missile launch control room (Sophie is contemplating world destruction) and on the right is the escape hatch. If the ship was ever breached and started taking on water, all the doors seal and this is the one way out for anyone trapped on a lower deck. 

The whole family, minus Amy's group who would arrive a week later

Eating lunch on the ferry

Looking out at the beautiful sound views

Seattle in the distance, and where we would offload for home

Two trouble makers hanging out during dinner

TUESDAY: Dave and I boated in the morning with my dad, and then hurried back to get the family ready for the early showing of Incredibles 2. The movie was great and I loved hearing Sophie laugh at all the Jack Jack scenes. Later we ate at Cafe Rio (mmm) and played cards after the bigger kids went to bed.

Beautiful Lake Sammamish - it's basically heaven on earth in my mind

This was Charlie's first movie and he did really well!

Davey's a beans & chips kind of guy

Charlie was so fascinated by the cards

WEDNESDAY: We tried the Sammamish Animal Sanctuary, a new destination, today. We brought food for the animals, but sadly our fun only lasted 5 minutes before a little pony chomped Sophie's hand instead of her carrot. It didn't draw blood, but it was a hard bite and she was pretty traumatized. It also made Davey worried that a cow would eat him, so with two nonfunctional kids, we decided to call it quits. Back at home the boys improved the kayak storage down at the lake, the hot tub was repaired and we were able to take a dip (yay!!), and we played some games after Nat and Brodie had to return home. 

The goat were very gentle and would only brush you with their lips

These pigs were so cute and well behaved, so we tossed them a few apple cores

The "mean" pony in the act of biting Sophie :( 

Dave and the new kayak shelf

Sophie feeling better in the hot tub

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