July 10, 2018

July Roundup

The July Roundup is relatively short, compared to other months, since we were only in town for the first week and a half before leaving on our Seattle adventure. During that time though, we celebrated the Fourth, Sophie had another week of science camp at the Discovery Center (which she loved), we went swimming, and we made it out to the zoo once, where the kids were trilled to have the parrot "talk" back to them. I managed to get a short clip that's included in the video below. And now some July photos:

Bubble bath in the big tub

Charlie's siblings are always excited to see him in the morning... 

And he is normally pretty excited to see them too

Davey on our last swim day of the summer, because sadly the pool would close before we returned home

Last zoo trip with Sophie before school started

He is always happy :)

Cow Appreciation Day (free Chick fil A) fell on the day we drove to Dallas, but I found a location in Wichita Falls and we made that our lunch stop! 

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