July 6, 2018

Charlie at 4 Months

Charlie reached his 4 month mark on Thursday. He is the chunkiest, happiest guy around! He's a little charmer and attracts attention wherever we go with his squishy thighs and huge smile. The ladies at church and the grocery store all love him, and at this age he doesn't mind being passed off to strangers - any and all attention is welcome. 

This last month Charlie has also found his voice and loves to jabber, squeal, laugh, and protest. It takes a lot to be heard over his siblings, but he is good at making his presence known. He has recently started making a loud, gasping sound whenever he gets really excited, and I find it hilarious. I've been wanting to record it before he grows out of this stage, but he always stops when I get the camera out.

Charlie at 4 Months
  • We had his check up on Thursday and he was 26.5 inches long (95%) and weighed 16 lbs 12 oz (80%). The doctor complimented his nice, round head shape and said he is doing great. 
  • Is wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. We are going to be traveling for the next 5 weeks and, at the rate he's growing, I'm worried he will be bursting out of his onesies by the time we get home. 
  • Other than a recent three-night stretch last week, he has been a great sleeper and has been regularly sleeping from 10 pm -7 am each night. His nap schedule is all over the place, but I don't really care too much since he does so well at night. 
  • He can roll on to his side, but is too chunky to make it all the way over. I did see him flip front-to-back once during tummy time, but I think regular rolling will still be a ways off. 
  • He loves to sit in the bumbo chair, although it almost always makes him spit up, and his legs are getting too fat. We have to pry it open to get his thighs in and out. 
  • Davey calls him "Trawlie" or "Baby Brudder" and Sophie calls him "Charlie Wharlie." 
  • He enjoys hanging out with Sophie, but is still is a bit unsure of Davey, for good reason. Charlie is becoming sturdier though, and Davey is starting to be more gentle, so their relationship should start improving. 
A few recent photos:

I love sleeping babies

Charlie loves to put things in his mouth. He mostly chews on burp rags, blankets, and his shirt collars, but will gladly take a toy if you help him hold it. 

Spread across my legs is one of Charlie's favorite sleeping positions. I have watched many Netflix shows with him laying on my lap like this. 

Napping in my arms is also a favorite

He's holding up his head real good now and sitting well with support. Sophie and Davey were both sitting on their own at 5 months, and with Charlie's substantial base, he might be on the same track. 

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