June 28, 2018

Just Keep Swimming

We are still swimming most days of the week. It's just too hot for any of our other activities. Some days we meet up with other families, and sometimes we just go on our own. It's quite the adventure to get three kids to the pool with all the towels, snacks, toys, floaties and other gear, but Sophie has become a good helper and I have figured out the best way to load the stroller to get us there and back without to much trouble. 

Sophie has really progressed with her swimming this year! She has always loved the water and now has the skills to match. I let her go in the deep end without her puddle jumper now if I'm available to sit near the side and watch her. She loves to do the slide and diving board at the Town Club pool, and jumping in to dive for pool toys. She can reach depths of 7 feet now!

Davey wants to do everything Sophie can, but is just too little. I caught him about two steps from the top of the slide once and had to haul him all the way back down because he isn't allowed. I also found him in the deep end the other week, surrounded by a group of teens, yelling "Marco, Marco, Marco!" as he tried to join their game. He is also fond of ripping apart the swim bag in search of snacks and checking all the filters in the pool for lost toys. 

I got Charlie a swimsuit and hat recently, but he still spends most of his time on a lawn chair in the shade. It's where he takes some of his best naps. He is old enough now to wear a little bit of sunscreen so I do bring him out to sit on my lap in the shallow end sometimes, but he doesn't love the water yet and prefers to watch from the pavilion. 

Hanging out in the shade with Charlie

I love this sequence of photos - clearly Charlie still isn't sure about Davey

Davey got sick right after swimming a few weeks ago. I'm still not sure what caused it, but I buckled him into his seat and we had maybe driven 10 feet before he threw up everywhere. Poor guy. I'm glad it happened only minutes from home, and that Dave was there to receive us. He grabbed Davey and took him to the shower, while I hosed down the car seat and cleaned out the van. After a long shower we put Davey on the couch to watch shows. He threw up once more, and then lay there for the rest of the night. Thankfully he was back to normal the next morning. 

Look at those lashes!

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