June 30, 2018

June Roundup

June was full of summer fun. I thought the month would feel long with Sophie out of school, but the days flew by and we filled them with lots of fun activities. Long live summer! 

Photos from one of our zoo days

We made a trek out to one of the other library branches to meet a pony and dig for dinosaurs. The dino activity was a hit and one I might have to try to replicate at home sometime since they enjoyed it so much. 

We survived our annual eye exams with all three kids in tow. I was able to do all my tests with Charlie on my lap, and the tablets kept the big kids occupied for most of the time. 

Sophie helping me to carry groceries out to the car

My cute little Charlie wearing Davey's hat at the pool

If there is a zombie apocalypse we will probably run out of food before we run out of diapers. I love to stock up when there are sales!

We had some heavy rains one weekend. Normally our storms blow in and out pretty quick, but this one lasted a few hours. The streets looked like rivers, and the drainage canal in our neighborhood, that's probably 6 feet deep, filled all the way up. 

This was the only photo I managed to take on Father's Day because it was such a crazy day. Dave had early church meetings, I spoke in Sacrament Meeting, and Charlie had a major blow out and spent all of church naked. We came home, had a steak dinner, and then just vegged for the rest of the day. 

Sophie went to her first week of camp at the Discovery Center. She chose "Construction Builders" and had a blast, even though she was one of only two girls in the group. Davey had a hard time watching her go into a room full of trucks and tools each day, so we would go play at the park after dropping her off as a consolation prize. 

First corn of the season

And first popsicle of the season

Sophie has been on a Lego kick lately and has been able to build some of her smaller sets by herself

We met friends at a splash pad one morning and Davey fell asleep in the car afterward. We still needed make a store run, and so I got Davey out of the car and laid him in the shopping cart on a towel. He slept through the whole trip, and then I was able to put him back in the car and take him home to finish his nap in his crib. He must have been exhausted!!

We tried out the "Kids Bowl Free" program one morning. You still have to pay for shoes, but each kid gets 2 free games of bowling each day, all summer. Taking turns was a bit of a struggle, but it went well enough that we might try it again. Sophie got a spare, and Davey rolled a strike!

We finally traded our Utah licenses for Texas ones. It was quite the adventure spending two hours at the DMV with the boys, but it is done and next time we can renew online!

Our summer storms make for some great rainbows! Dave pointed out that I should have gone out the front door, instead of the garage, and taken the photo with the rainbow over our house instead of over the alley. Now I have remorse. Hopefully we'll get another one this good so I can try again. 

At the end of June Aunt Liz arrived! She got a job at Northwest Hospital here in Amarillo and will be staying with us for the next year. The kids were so excited to see her!

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