June 5, 2018

Charlie at 3 Months

Charlie is 3 months old today! We love him for many reasons, but one of the best things about him right now is that he sleeps through the night! I know things could change any day, but for the last month he has been sleeping 8-10 hours straight. I have enough milk to feed triplets come morning, but the extra sleep has been heavenly, and just what I need to keep up with my crazy crew and all our summer activities.

Besides being a great sleeper, Charlie is also growing like crazy, super smiley, and getting close to laughing. He does a little giggle whenever you tickle his neck and I can't wait for the day that it turns into a full belly laugh - those are my favorite!

Charlie at 3 Months
  • He's approaching the 16 pound mark, which is about the same size Davey was at this age. Two big boys!
  • I just brought out the 9 month clothes because all his 6 month onesies were starting to make him look like a stuffed sausage. He will also move up to size 3 diapers once we finish up this last box of size 2. 
  • We still haven't established a nap schedule and he sleeps on the go most days, but that will probably start to change this next month.
  • He drools like crazy and most days I end up having to change his shirt because it gets soaked through. He also loves to chew on his fingers, our fingers, or anything he can get in his mouth. I certainly hope teeth aren't eminent, but if something did pop through soon it wouldn't surprise me. 
  • He's almost always smiley, but can be a little fussy in the evenings, so Dave and I take turns strolling around the neighborhood with him after the big kids have gone to bed. It's starting to get really hot here though, so we'll see how long we can keep it up.

Nothin' like a tasty finger to much on

Charlie is well loved, and his siblings are getting better about showing it in a gentler manner

Taking a pool nap. We plan to spend most our summer days here, so I hope this happens often!

Looking cool on an evening walk

Charlie doesn't love tummy time, but we try a few times a day and he's getting stronger!

There is almost always some drool or spit bubbles on his face

Trial run in the Bumbo seat - his fat supports him well!

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