May 6, 2018

That Bad Cat - Sophie Can Read!

Sophie has been ready to read for months, and now that life has settled down a bit, we are finally starting to teach her! I had no clue where to even start, but my sister Amy has had great success teaching her kids with the Reading Lesson book, so we ordered one off Amazon and got started. The parent instructions have been very simple, and with just a little direction from me, Sophie has taken off!

We try to do reading practice in the afternoons if Davey and Charlie are both napping, or just before bed. You are supposed to work through a page or two a day, but she never wants to stop until we've completed at least four. She also likes coloring the little pictures on every page, and always loves to look ahead to see what stories we will be reading the next night. So far we've completed the first five lessons and are still going strong. It will be fun to see where she's at when kindergarten starts in a few months!

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