May 18, 2018

Sophie's Last Day of Preschool & Graduation

We moved in right before school started and really had no clue what we were doing when picking out a preschool, but lucked out immensely. Unknown to us, Sonlight at the Church of Christ, was where a lot of members attended, and Sophie actually ended up with three other LDS kids in her class, who are now her good friends. The academics were great, it was located in our neighborhood, and each day started with "chapel," where a cute, old lady that Sophie called the "grandma" would teach them bible stories and songs. I've already put Davey on the wait list for 2019.

On Thursday Sophie had her last day of school and her graduation ceremony. We always knew she would love school and this was truly a great year for her. She learned so much, but also had so much fun being in a classroom with friends. Her teacher was amazing and I heard on multiple occasions how "Ms. Elisa knows everything, never forgets anything, and never does anything wrong." Her favorite parts of preschool were recess (of course), centers (where she got to rotate through different activities), and music class. She came home almost daily with a new song to sing for us.

We got her end of year assessment back and she got 100% on everything, which was awesome. Heading into the year she still didn't know all her letters and now she knows uppercase, lowercase, their sounds, how to write them, how to count to 100, all her shapes and colors, and is starting to read! This girl is ready to start kindergarten!

Sophie on her last day of school. First day of school pictures are here

Her best buddy at school this year was Ethan. He will not go to the same school next year, which is sad, but he is in our stake, and I know his mom so they will still see each other. 

Receiving her diploma from her wonderful teacher, Ms. Elisa

We love this girl and are so proud of her!

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