May 14, 2018

Charlie's Blessing Day

Charles Walter Howe was given a name and a blessing last Saturday at his grandparent's home in Plano, Texas. We chose to bless him outside of church because we have lots of friends in the area, and we didn't want to pull them away from their families on Mother's Day. And because we blessed him in a home setting, we were also able to have my mom in Seattle join via Skype, which was wonderful because she made Charlie's blessing outfit. He looked so handsome and was perfectly behaved during the blessing.

My little Charlie

We were so blessed to have such great family and friends there to support us. What an amazing group of fathers, sons, brothers, and husbands!

The Howe Family

Our family

And we made sure to also take a picture of him in the blessing outfit that was made by my Grandma Lambert that all her boys and several other grandsons/great grandsons have worn. Here is a picture of Davey wearing the same outfit on the day he was blessed.  

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