May 5, 2018

Charlie at 2 Months

Charlie's second month flew by! His major accomplishments from the last month were perfecting his smile and growing eyebrows! He was born without any brows, and then after a few days of flaky skin on his forehead, cute little hairs just popped in. The hair on top of his head is also coming in thicker, although it doesn't seem to have grown any longer. Sophie loves to pet him and one day told me he felt "just like a powdered donut." 

Charlie smiles all the time and really only cries if it's been a long time since his last meal, or if he gets attacked by one of his siblings, which seems to happen no matter how hard I try to protect him. Luckily he is growing fast and getting stronger every day. It looks like he's on track to be a big, healthy boy, just like Davey was. I'm already struggling to carry him around in the front pack or the car seat, but I love looking at those chubby cheeks and chunky thighs! 

Charlie at 2 Months
  • At his 2-month well child visit he weighed 13 lbs 12 oz (80%) and was 24.5 inches long (96%). The doctor told me his head size also jumped up, but it's in proportion with the rest of him, so she was not concerned. 
  • We moved him up to size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing, which are already looking small since this boy is so long!
  • He normally wakes 1-2 times at night, but there have been a few heavenly nights were he's slept all the way through. Bed time is also starting to move earlier and I am not having to stay up with him until midnight as often anymore. 
  • Is still able to sleep anywhere and everywhere.
  • We've seen him roll onto his side a few times, so we're starting to be more cautious about laying him down on places like the couch or bed. 
  • His favorite activities are sucking on his fingers or blankets, and blowing spit bubbles.

I feel a little sentimental every time I put away clothes that have gotten too small, but it's also so much fun to get out the new stuff! These are some of the first 6 month outfits that Charlie wore after I switched out his wardrobe.

Feeling sad after the 2 month immunizations

He's still a bit of a bobble head, but getting stronger every day. He's been trying so hard to hold up his head and look around. 

He has learned how to get his hands to his mouth and loves to suck on his fingers

These photos were taken exactly 50 days apart - it's crazy how fast babies grow and change
(This was also the last time Charlie wore those jammies)

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