April 16, 2018

Happy Monday

This week got off to a good start, especially compared to our difficult Monday last week. I've found our days go much better if we get out of the house, even if it's just for a little bit. A change of scenery seems to help the kids from getting too annoyed with each other, and me from losing my patience with them, so it's a win for everyone. Except Charlie, who has to just hang out in his car seat.

With a baby it takes forever to get ready to finally leave the house, but we normally manage to get out the door around 10 am. Our destination for the day was the grocery store, followed by the mall play space.  It wasn't too crowded and the kids had a fun time running and climbing. After an hour of play, we went home for lunch, naps, and then only had a short time before Dave got home for dinner. It was a good day. 

I have two little cars in my diaper bag that the kids love to play with. The only thing that would be better is if they were identical so there wouldn't be a dispute each time over who got which one.

Helllllp Sophie! - She really is good about watching out for Davey and "lending a hand" when needed

Charlie also turned six weeks old on Monday. At this age he has mastered his smile and we love seeing his happy, little face! We've seen smiles for a couple weeks, but he gives them freely now and is especially happy in the morning when I go to pick him up from his bed. 

Charlie is growing fast and it will be time to get out the 6 month clothes in a week or so. I have noticed that he's getting heavier to carry around, and am guessing he weighs around 12 pounds now. Although I'm sad my tiny baby is getting big so fast, I hope as he grows it will help him better weather the sibling storm that descends upon him each day with force. Just the other day he was the object of a tug of war between Davey and Sophie. One had his head, and the other his body... poor baby. I can't turn my back for a second.  

Charlie smiling up at me from the front pack

His best smiles always come on the changing table

Napping on my chest after a feeding - love those squishy cheeks!

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